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URL Naming

The Domain Management Team has centralized the registering and billing of URLs to minimize legal risks, decrease costs and maintain appropriate brand identity standards. All Sprint-owned domain names have been placed on a single account and will be administered through the Domain Management Team.

  • Outside agencies or vendors are not permitted to register names on behalf of Sprint.
  • Any URLs that do not adhere to the naming structures will not be approved or registered.
  • Sprint Communications Company, L.P. must be the registrant for all Sprint domain names.

1. The standard Sprint URL naming structure:

URL: or explanatory phrase

All Sprint URLs should begin with This strategy helps convey a single brand across all web sites. A proliferation of Sprint URLs leads to a lack of clarity, undermining the integrity of the brand.

The benefit of this method is a centrally managed directory found on the server. This requires coordination with the team to integrate and support common elements. The team currently provides support/counsel for this setup. This method also promotes a "flat hierarchy", which is more user-friendly than burying content deep within the web site.

URLs follow similar naming principles to all Sprint product and service names. Please consider the following when creating a Sprint URL:

  • Abbreviations of names within URLs will be the exception, unless the abbreviation is a commonly used and understood industry term.
  • Combinations of abbreviations are prohibited as this does not deliver on Sprint's focus on clarity.
  • All Sprint domain names should align with approved product or service name. When including an approved product or service name in a Sprint domain name, the second mention of Sprint may be excluded from the explanatory phrase. This is an exception to the trademark usage guidelines.
  • If a product or service name does not exist for a Sprint domain, a descriptive and generic reference should be utilized.

For more information on developing a name for a Sprint product or service please refer to the Sprint Naming and Co-Branding Guidelines.

2. The redirect structure:

URL: or explanatory phrase Redirects to:

When the content must reside on another Sprint web site due to content management or other requirements, a redirect is used on the server so that the URL name that is published/marketed follows the preferred naming structure.

When promotions involving specific timelines are redirected, include expiration dates to help reduce saturation of available redirect options. The site can then be archived with the attachment of an expiration date.

For example:
Redirects to:

3. The subdomain structure:

URL: or explanatory phrase
Redirects to: http://product or explanatory

Subdomains will only be approved if the content or application technically cannot reside on Sprint servers and must be hosted on a separate server such as a third-party solution. Again, a redirect should be used on the server so that the URL that is published and/or marketed follows the standard naming structure. The subdomain structure is considered an exception and hosting options should be discussed with the Domain Management Team.

For example:
Redirects to:

4. Registering Domain Names:

All domain names must be registered through the Domain Management Team. Any domain names that do not adhere to the naming structures as outlined in this document will not be approved or registered.

In order to utilize a product or service name in a domain name, please confirm with the Domain Management Team and/or the Trademark Legal Department that the name is approved for use. If the name has not been through the approval process, please submit a naming request to the Domain Management Team and Trademark Legal.

Choosing Domain Names for Sprint Products and Services

It is important that the branding process be integral to all our efforts and considered early on in Sprint's business decisions. Because a public domain name can contribute to the larger, unified image of the Sprint brand, Sprint branding guidelines extend to the selection of these domain names. Just like the careful naming of Sprint products, the domain name must reflect the clarity and quality of the Sprint brand.

Please consider the following when choosing a domain name for a Sprint product or service:

  • All domain names should begin with the word "Sprint", with limited exceptions. In general, the domain name should follow the approved name of the product or service as closely a possible.
  • Domain names should be concise and should not be confused with other companies, services or products in the marketplace.
  • The word "Sprint" should not be used as a verb.
  • The domain name should not use slang or jargon.
  • Sprint and its trademarked names are not to be translated into languages other than English.

Domestic Domain Name Registration

When registering a domain name, the Domain Management Team will always register the .COM top-level domain. Under some circumstances, often for legal protection, the Domain Management Team will register other top-level domains, such as .ORG, .NET, or other future top-level domains.

International Domain Names

If a business unit would like to market a product or service in another country, the Domain Management Team can register a domain name that uses an international country code, for instance for Canada. The Domain Management Team can work with the business unit to determine if multiple iterations of the name should be registered or if the name should be registered in multiple countries for legal protection and/or marketing purposes. Due to the cost and difficulty of establishing an international domain name, the Domain Management Team is more conservative in its purchase of such names.

Security Certificates

While the Domain Management Team is not currently centralizing the registration or purchase of security certificates, server administrators will continue to maintain that responsibility. To obtain a SSL certificate, a Sprint contact must complete the SSL certificate request. Please note that all domain names on the Sprint corporate account are registered under the company name "Sprint Communications Company, L.P." Certificates should be purchased under the same name.

For questions regarding the Sprint URL naming policy, please contact the Domain Management Team. If you are aware of any misuse of the Sprint name in a domain name or are unsure of your choices, please contact


URL - A URL (Uniform Resource Locator, previously Universal Resource Locator) is the unique address for a file that is accessible on the Internet.

Domain Name - A domain name locates an organization or other entity on the Internet.